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 Join The Wait-List & Receive 'Priority Notification' When The Next 21 Day EndoBoss® Challenge Opens.

How Will The 21 Day EndoBoss® Challenge 
Help You?
Why This Challenge?
This 21 Day EndoBoss® Challenge is specifically designed for women with Endometriosis (& Adenomyosis). 

Women who may be feeling frightened, fearful or anxious about their conditions but want to 'start' on a new journey of connecting to their emotions and learn more about the potential to heal their body naturally.

You will be given daily coaching calls with Wendy K Laidlaw, daily tasks, assignments, journalling, meditation and awareness exercises, and a scientific approach to help you get to know yourself in a whole NEW way.  

You will also come together with other likeminded, progressive, proactive and POSITIVE women like you.

Who we call 'EndoBoss® Beginners'!
What will you Learn?
You will learn how to connect with yourself emotionally by embracing your emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs in ways that are safe and also back up by countless studies from around the world.  

These EndoBoss® Tools with help you to reduce anxiety, fear, worry and uncomfortable feelings and become an emotional master.

We will share simple celebrated tools that help you pay attention to you so that you can comfortably spend quality time on yourself in a new way. 

Learn simple, yet effective, protocols that will help to put you FIRST, so you can start too gently listen to your instincts, inner guidance and what is going on inside your body.

Far too many women with Endometriosis put others ahead of their own health. 

But that stops now!
AND There are prizes to be won...
We know how hard it can be when you wish to start a new pathway to keep focused on you every single day.

And it can be tough on your own.

But YOU are super important. 

So we want to inspire you, recognise you and reward you for completing the 21 Day Challenge with some awesome prizes. 

We know how positively impactful this Challenge will be for you - so we also offer the top 3 challengers a chance to win prizes valued from £197 - £397!

As well as prizes for the Most Supportive EndoBoss® and Most Engaged EndoBoss®.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful EndoBoss® family. 

Read Testimonials From Previous Challengers

"I've learned a lot about myself"

"It's been a wonderful challenge for me"

"I achieved a calmness I never thought possible"

My Endometriosis SUCCESS STORY 
I never knew that I could feel this well or healthy - and do it NATURALLY. 

Start your NEW Journey on the 21 Day Challenge by slowly and gently learning how to listen to your body, thoughts and feelings.

Then apply for a coveted place in the EndoBoss® Academy, which I have developed; that have not only helped me put my Stage IV Endometriosis (and Adenomyosis) into remission after 33 years - but now I am helping other women around the world achieve the same results!  

I am looking forward to you starting your NEW journey and joining me too."

-Wendy K Laidlaw, 
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